Our Mission

At Eight8 Candle Co., we're a luxury candle brand based in Fort Worth, Texas, where each candle is lovingly hand-poured in small batches. We believe that the art of candle-making is just as important as the final product. That's why we use only the best, clean-burning ingredients that burn brighter and cleaner. Our mission is simple: to bring you candles that not only smell and look fantastic but are also good for you and your home.

Meet Lauren,
Eight8 Candle Co. Founder

Lauren is a driven and creative entrepreneur who founded Eight8 Candle Co. in November 2021 in Fort Worth, TX. Her reasons for starting the company were rooted in her desire to create cleaner products for herself and provide a creative outlet while undergoing fertility treatments. Lauren has always loved the feeling of burning a candle, and after making a few candles as gifts to family, she knew she wanted to share that feeling with others.

Lauren is originally from Fort Worth, TX, and loves to travel, especially to tropical locations and beaches. She cannot start her day without her iced coffee and counts Target as her favorite store. Lauren enjoys interior design and spends her free time with her husband, family, and friends. When she is not working on her business, Lauren is a full-time Project Manager.

With her passion for creating cleaner products and entrepreneurial spirit, Lauren will continue impacting the candle-making industry with Eight8 Candle Co.

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